1. Deter Workplace Harassment and Violence 

Sadly, incidents of workplace harassment and office violence are on the rise in the United States. One way to deter harassment and violence at your company is by installing security cameras that employees know are monitoring and recording them 24/7.  Couple this with the appropriate employee training and you may lower the likelihood of a workplace incident. 

2. Reduce Theft and Vandalism 

Employees, customers and strangers alike are far less likely to vandalize or steal from your business if they know they are being monitored and recorded by a security camera. Likewise, a security camera can save you thousands upon thousands of dollars that would otherwise go to replacing stolen items or repairing vandalized spaces.

3. Resolve Disputes and Gather Evidence for Injuries and Accidents

In most states, business owners have a legal obligation to maintain safe premises for their employees and customers. In the event someone is injured due to unsafe conditions (such as unmarked hazards or slippery floors), the business owner may be held liable for the damages incurred. However, certain circumstances may render the owner exempt from liability. (If, for example, the injured person’s reckless or negligent behavior was responsible for their accident).  Security cameras offer an unbiased record of events. In the event a personal injury case is brought against your company, security camera footage may be the difference between paying out a huge settlement or not.

4. Monitor Customer Habits to Improve Customer Experience

As business owners, we are always looking for ways in which to improve the customer experience. We can theorize endlessly about the changes and improvements our hypotheticals customers want to see. Security cameras can help take out some of the guesswork. Review real footage of the customer experience at your company. See what problems recur and try to fix them. Pay attention also to what’s working well and try to capitalize on it.

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