B.J. Wilkerson Memorial Child Development Center, Inc. was founded in 1991. The school was named in memory of Barbara Jean Wilkerson who was a faithful member of the Seminary Baptist Church. Barbara Wilkerson’s trademark was a mixture of love, ingenuity, and patience. Her sensitive and generous spirit distinguished her as one who was an extraordinary Christian. We will never forget Barbara’s commitment, sacrifices, loyalty and dedication as she worked to help the children of Paterson.


Social Emotional Development​

Our well-rounded Creative Curriculum helps our students develop social and emotional skills for handling various situations and interacting with peers.

Language Development​

Our literacy programs give students the proper tools they need to write and speak.  Each student is taught these skills at a speed that is appropriate for their age and stage of development.

Science Technology​

Our students will gain a basic understanding of various scientific principles and the technology behind them.  We believe this is important to foster our students’ intellect through grade school and beyond.

Physical Development​

Our Creative Curriculum provides plenty of physical activity for students to form healthy exercise habits and work as a team.  We believe that the school day is most productive when students are given time to run around and enjoy the fresh air.

Dramatic Play​

Dramatic play gives our students the opportunity to tell stories and simulate various situations with the use of appropriate props.  This enables children to express their emotions, put themselves in someone else’s shoes and understand the use of symbolism in a meaningful way.

Creative Arts​

Our students are routinely exposed to four art forms: dance, drama, music and the visual arts.  This gives our students the ability to express themselves in interactive and creative ways.

Cognitive Development​

Students will learn to think cognitively and intellectually, and apply logic to critical situations.  Through the use of toys, numbers and more, our students will leave us with the ability to break down problems and solve them, both alone and with their peers.


Ron Williams

Executive Director

Melissa Ford

Site Director

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Registration begins in March for the upcoming school year. (Please see family worker) All three and four years old who have reached the age by October 31.

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