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4 Reasons You Should Install a Security Camera

Sadly, incidents of workplace harassment and office violence are on the rise in the United States. One way to deter harassment and violence at your company is by installing security cameras that employees know are monitoring and recording them 24/7.  Couple this with the appropriate employee training and you may lower the likelihood of a workplace incident. 


Airbnb’s Nostalgia Marketing Strategy: Welcome to the Barbie Dreamhouse

Today’s marketers are using “nostalgia marketing”—associating brands with retro concepts or fads popular in the past—to give target audiences a soft spot for their company. According to research conducted by the University of Southampton, nostalgia can “counteract loneliness, boredom and anxiety” as well as conjure up positive emotions. Nostalgia marketing is especially effective for millennials, with “hectic work schedules, unrelenting responsibilities and more.” Reliving something from their past is a stress reliever, and brands that help them do that are going to get attention.


The Internet Turns 50: The Evolution of this Network

It all started in Room 3420 in today’s UCLA Boelter Hall. October 29th marks the birthday of the Internet, the massive network that permits you to read this article and learn endlessly about other information. This birthday is a big one: the 50th. There are some things you may not have known about this great invention that has existed for half a century now.

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