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For Jeep Owners
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We Remove
Your Roof

Let our team do the heavy lifting.  We’ll remove your hardtop and install your soft top.   All you need to do is make an appointment at your convenience.

We Store
Your Roof

After we have safely and professionally removed the hardtop of your Jeep, we will store it in our safe, secure, temperature-controlled warehouse.

We Reinstall

When the summer season is over and it’s time to put your hardtop roof back on, our professional team will remove your soft top and reinstall your hardtop.

Rent a

Rent a soft-top with us and save money with our pre-negotiated discount rates. Our soft-tops are available for rent on all two and four-door Jeeps.

For Jeep Owners by Jeep Owners

Jeep Wrangler roof storage

As a jeep owner, are you looking for a place to store your Jeep roof for optimal use during the summer? You may lack space to store it in your garage? Do not search anymore!  Go Topless is here for your storage solution. 

To store other items please call!

Why Choose Go Topless?

We offer  a complete Jeep hardtop storage service in the tri-state area. We stand out for the following reasons.

The services to remove and store your  Jeep Wrangler roof have never been this accessible! Our prices are very affordable and very competitive. 

You’d like your esteemed Jeep Wrangler to be taken care of by professionals, right? We treat your Jeep roof with the utmost care. Our staff is trained to remove your hardtop following a specific procedure. Our service is fast and efficient. Your hardtop will be carefully stored, leaving you with peace of mind!

Our team ensures upon removal of your roof that it is well packaged with protective foam to avoid any possible damages during storage.

Our team of professionals is well-specialized and is equipped with all the necessary tools to remove your roof safely and quickly.  We use enhanced tools never seen before in the tri-state market.

Our warehouse has a security system ensuring that your Jeep roof will not be lost or stolen.

Our warehouse is temperature controlled which allows us to keep your Jeep Wrangler roof under favorable conditions until it is time to retrieve it. 


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