"My daughter loves KC Kids so much that she complains when I pick her up early. She simply does not want to leave! I love that they do their homework first, and then, rain or shine, the kids have the opportunity to engage in physical activity with Coach Luis, who is dynamic and the kids simply love! I love that my daughter has been able to make friendships with kids after school that are not in her grade. As a working parent, planning play dates just isn’t realistic. Now it’s automatically done for me! My daughter especially loves making challah to bring home to us for Shabbat. I also love that they take time to do chessed and pack food packages for the sick. I love KC Kids because they foster a love of the same values I believe are important. It’s such a relief and a privilege to be able to have access to quality childcare in the same building as where my daughter goes to school!”

“My kids have been doing early care for the past two years and we have been very happy overall. My kids enjoy making new friends in different grades, the activities, games and sports with Coach Luis. My younger daughter loves it so much she asks to go to aftercare more often! KC kids has been a life saver for two full time working parents. We look forward to next year!”

“My daughter loved KC Kids. As a working parent, I had to keep her most days of the week for a significant amount of time after school, but I always felt like she was gaining so much. She enjoyed the free play time with friends, got to play educational games and run around in the gym and outside. It was always so inspiring to pick her up when she was in the middle of a chessed activity.”

“Mackenzie had an amazing year! The teachers are always friendly, helpful and make sure the kids are safe. It was a great idea to do projects for Holy Name Hospital. The teachers always have a fun project for the kids to do and snacks. It’s tough enough leaving them so early and getting them late so it’s comforting to know we have great care and interactive care for them!”

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