Where children feel Special, Happy and Capable of Achieving Great Things

121 W Nyack Rd STE 6, Nanuet, NY 10954
(845) 624-0936



The children in our programs are thoroughly enriched in every aspect of of their growth. They learn how to be kind, caring, creative, independent thinkers and doers, problem solvers, team players, resourceful, responsible and playful. They strengthen language, vocabulary, and pre-reading skills.


They strengthen fine and large motor skills.They learn math and science. They gain an awareness of our community and the cultures that surround us. They explore concepts in drama, art, music and dance. All this is achieved in a very child centered environment through developmentally appropriate practices.


Each one of our classrooms is customized according to the age and stage of the children and is equipped with materials that allow for maximum growth. Learning centers outline each room providing ample opportunities for the children to gain exposure to real life situations and build on critical knowledge.We play and we learn all day long. This is how we grow happily and productively and secure our success for the future.

Celebrating 25 Years!

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