Our mission is to serve a patient group with diverse needs and not exclude patients based on their financial needs. Being enrolled in the 340B program allows us to meet the needs of all of our patients and live out our mission as a specialty pharmacy.

We provide services to patients covered under the 340B Drug Pricing Program. This program enables low-income patients to purchase their medications at an affordable price. Eligible patients order their prescription through PFSP and pays either a reduced copay or no copay when they pick it up. Serving patients who are covered under 340B helps us cater to a broad customer portfolio, and also shows the patient that they are our first priority, no matter what their financial situation.

We will work with you to help you determine if you are eligible under the 340B program. If you are eligible under Medicaid, you are automatically entitled to the benefits under the program, and we will make sure the pricing of your prescription and your treatments reflects your eligibility.

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