It can often be difficult to obtain the right medications to treat various forms of cancer and other rare diseases. We have access to limited distribution drugs to treat and prevent complications from such disease states. Our specialists maintain strong relationships with prescribers and practice strong data quality management to uphold the privilege of distributing such medications and make sure our patients are getting the best treatment that they can.

We take measures on a daily basis to make sure the medications we distribute are safe for our patients. Some of these measures are third-party data validation for all medications we intend to distribute and quality outcome metrics that can be tracked daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly. You will always be kept up to date on the quality of your medications, and we will intervene immediately if an incident arises where we feel you should seek alternate treatment options.

Our number one mission here at PFSP is to provide comprehensive therapy management services that are customized for you based on URAC standards. Our staff are fully trained on URAC compliance and adherence and work to uphold these standards with your customized treatment plan. We know that these plans can be expensive, but we offer various patient assistance programs to reduce your copay as much as possible.

We work closely with the National Sales Force, an organization that gives people resources to create additional or supplemental income using contacts within the medical community.  Not only will these services pay for medical treatment, but it will also give you discretionary income to use for educational or recreational purposes.

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